Administrative Withdrawal Petition

The Administrative Withdrawal is a process whereby ALL grades, high or low, for a given semester are changed to the grade of "W". Per Policy and Procedure Statement 02.02.20 (Schedule Changes, Drops, and Withdrawals). Students petitioning an Administrative Withdrawal after the semester has ended, must provide a written letter of appeal and documentation of extremely extenuating circumstances to the appropriate dean(s) (section 08.01). All grade change requests, including Administrative Withdrawal requests, can be filed no later than two years after the grade was issued (Policy and Procedure Statement 02.03.12 section 08.02; Grades and Changes of Grades).

Associate Dean, Dr. Erhart, will review Administrative Withdrawal petitions for majors in the College of Liberal Arts, only. (These majors are Anthropology, English, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, World Languages and Literatures.) Students from other colleges should contact the Dean's office of their respective majors to appeal for an Administrative Withdrawal. 

NoteStudents seeking to drop a single course after the semester has ended should contact the Dean's Office of the college through which the course is offered. 

Administrative Withdrawal Form

Please click on the link below to start the petition process.