Liberal Arts Academic Suspension Appeal

This form is for students who would like to appeal their academic suspension. All appeals are decided by Associate Dean, Dr. Erhart.

You must FIRST see an academic advisor either in your major department or in the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center.

Before starting the appeal process, please have the following documents prepared and ready to attach:

  1. Statement of Circumstances: This statement should provide an explanation of circumstances contributing to your academic suspension. Please list any extenuating circumstances and include how they have been resolved or how they will be resolved before you enroll. This statement should reflect correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  2. Supporting Documentation: This documentation should support the extenuating circumstance(s) referenced in your Statement of Circumstances. Supporting documentation are hospital bill, obituary, divorce decree, medical diagnosis, disability diagnosis, police report, or court records. Suspended students who do not provide documentary evidence of extenuating circumstances will not be reinstated. 
  3. Letter of Support: This letter may come from an employer, doctor, probation officer, counselor, etc. The letter should reflect a third party‚Äôs confidence in your ability to succeed if reinstated and attest to a level of maturity that would suggest academic success, responsibility, stability, trust, capacity to follow through with assignments, motivation, condition of health, etc. Students may include a second letter from a parent.
  4. Course Schedules: These are the advising notes provided by your academic advisor. The semester plan(s) should include a list of degree-applicable course options at Texas State and if applicable, from a community college.
  5. Unofficial Transcript: This can be found by logging into CatsWeb and clicking the Student Records link.
  6. Degree Audit: This can be found by logging into CatsWeb and clicking the Degree Audit link.

Upon submission of the academic suspension form and all of the required documents, Dr. Erhart will contact you to discuss your appeal and possible reinstatement contract.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students who have been away from Texas State for one long semester or more and wish to return are considered former students.  All former students must reapply through Apply Texas, in order to return to Texas State. More information may be found on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

For more information regarding suspension policies, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.