Annual Review

Annual Review/Evaluation & Merit/Performance LA/PPS 2.01

Evaluation of the Dean and Liberal Arts Chairs

Each year the Faculty Senate conducts a faculty perception survey of deans.  The provost’s office conducts a similar survey of department chairs.  Faculty are encouraged to complete the online evaluation and may see results at

The provost reviews the dean’s performance and provides a summary review to faculty in the college.  The dean reviews the performance of Liberal Arts chairs and provides a summary to faculty and staff.

Evaluation of Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts

All faculty in the college (full- and part-time; tenured, tenure-track, and nontenure line) complete an annual report of activities for the prior calendar year using the Faculty Qualifications System.

Each faculty member enters information on teaching, research/creative activity, service, and other professional activies and then undergoes review by the department’s personnel committee and chair.  Faculty certify receipt of their reviews and may, at that time, enter comments.

The annual review of faculty is the basis for awarding merit raises. The college follows Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statement 04.01.50 in awarding raises:

Each department in the college has written policies and procedures to guide evaluation of faculty and to determine merit raises. The policies are available for review in department offices.