Travel Policy

College of Liberal Arts Travel Policy


1. Policy Statements

01.01 The Purpose of this policy is to provide the College of Liberal Arts at Texas State University with a common process for allocating faculty travel expenses for activities pursued away from the Texas State University Campus.

2. In addition it provides a rationale for compensated faculty travel.

3. It recognizes that travel is part of the numerous activities that support faculty development, which include research, teaching and service.

4. Because department plans, goals and cultures vary, this policy allows for differences between departments. Nevertheless, it seeks to emphasize equity and faculty obligations as important aspects of fund allocations.  

2. Faculty Responsibility

02.01 In order to receive travel funds, faculty must familiarize themselves with university guidelines. 

02.02 Currently, in line with university guidelines, faculty must:

a. Comply with university guidelines for travel

b. Submit domestic travel requests at least 14 days in advance. 

c. Submit international travel requests at least 30 days in advance.

02.03 Faculty are responsible for ensuring that teaching occurs in their assigned classroom when they travel. Notifying students that class will not be held is an insufficient accommodation to travel plans. 

02.04 Faculty must ensure that no more than one week of classes at a time are interrupted because of travel, whether travel is for research, teaching or service. 

02.05 Faculty must ensure that no more than two weeks of classes each semester are interrupted because of travel, whether travel is for research, teaching or service. 

02.06 When a faculty member expects not to be present in the classroom, the faculty member must notify the department chair in writing, either through a travel application or email. 

3. Procedures for policy creation and implementation 

03.01 Departments will create a written travel policy covering the following issues related to travel:  

a.  Which faculty members are eligible to receive travel funds;

b.  What constitutes eligible travel (e.g. paper presentation, research, etc.);

c.  What constitutes evidence of eligible travel;

d.  Deadlines for requesting travel funds;

e.  How often travel funds can be received (per specific period of time);

f.  The amount of funds available to faculty members (per specific period of time);

g.  Exceptions to the written policy;

h.  A process for faculty appeals of the written policy.

03.02 The department travel policy will have received final Personnel Committee approval, although other groups may also participate in the drafting of the policy. 

03.03 Upon acceptance by the chair, the policy will be made available to all faculty. 

03.04 All departmental international travel policy must conform to university guidelines.

03.05 Travel conducted for university and department administrative responsibilities may be considered separately from individual travel allocations.

03.06 Final travel decisions rest with the department chair who is expected to act within the policy and to provide written explanations for a decision in exception to the policy.