Michael J. Hundley

Headshot of Michael J. Hundley

Michael J. Hundley

Austin, TX

Michael Hundley is the interim CEO for Vista Solutions Group, a leading global provider of document management software.

Since 2002, Mr. Hundley has been a management consultant focused on shareholder advocacy and improving investment value for companies transitioning through special situations or experiencing distress. He began his 20-year career working as a research analyst, moving into investment banking, equity trading, and management of domestic and global market initiatives.

He has worked for major companies including Dun & Bradstreet, Olde’ Financial Corp., Fidelity Investment Services, and JP Morgan Chase (formerly BancOne Securities), where he earned his reputation as a highly energetic and creative leader by becoming an award winning manager at those companies. Prior to his appointment at Vista Solutions Group, Mr. Hundley's work also included his being selected as Chief Marketing Officer and then President for Choice Investments, Inc. and Choice Asset Management,Inc. Following that project, he was elected as the CEO for CACH Management and Research, LLC, expanding his already vast experience and network in business transactions and global management. Mr. Hundley also serves as a member of the Texas Entreprenuer Network's Board of Directors and contributes solution-based articles on controversial management issues from time to time.

When not working, Mr. Hundley is a commercially rated pilot.  He participates in the Commemorative Air Force, Warbirds of America, the International Aerobatics Club, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association, all of which promote general aviation, the evolution of new aircraft, and the preservation of historical aircraft.