Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Eligibility Requirements

An annual award will be made to an outstanding undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts. Students are responsible for submitting applications to their major department. Part-time and full-time undergraduate students who have not received this award previously may apply, provided they meet the following criteria:

1. Junior or senior classification;

2. Major in one of the departments of the College of Liberal Arts or in the Center for International Studies;

3. Texas State GPA of  3.75 or higher;

4. Completion of 30 credit hours at Texas State at the time of nomination; and

5. 18 hours of course work completed in major (including course work at Texas State as well as transfer credit).

Note: Students fulfilling this criteria who graduated from Texas State the immediately preceding December or August are also eligible.

Applicants must turn in the following to their major department: (a) a completed application (above) for the award; (b) a current Texas State transcript from Catsweb; (c) a vita/resumé, (d) one letter of recommendation from a Texas State Liberal Arts faculty member, and (e) a 500-word essay detailing how the liberal arts have contributed to the student’s education, as well as the contributions the student has made to the liberal arts.

Each department will screen its applicants for eligibility and forward the application packet of only one nominee to the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office.

Chairs and Directors of degree-granting programs in the College of Liberal Arts will review and rank the candidates. NOTE: The committee may recommend that no award be presented for the year. The award will be presented at the College of Liberal Arts Awards Day in April.

Students are responsible for submitting applications to their major department by February 14th