In Memoriam

Headshot of Justin Edmondson

Justin Edmondson

New Braunfels, TX

Justin Edmondson was the owner and CEO of Mobile Fluid Recovery (MFR) which is based in San Marcos, Texas. MFR is an industrial and hazardous waste recycling company that markets a patented technology to major automotive manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. The technology is used to separate liquids from solids in industrial waste streams so that each can be managed separately, economically, and sustainably. Justin’s vision is to expand beyond the automotive industry and deliver this technology to industrial facilities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. He held two degrees from Texas State—a BBA in Marketing and a Master of Applied Geography degree in Environmental Management.

Prior to MFR, Mr. Edmondson was a partner in Gruene Environmental Companies, and marketed environmental services for hazardous waste disposal and recycling to companies across Texas. Justin has earned a reputation in the industry as a successful salesman and visionary. He worked for Ashland Environmental for 10 years, creating their first program to reuse sulfuric acid and was the company's first salesman to penetrate the hazardous waste market in Mexico.

Mr. Edmondson served on the Board of Directors for the Texas State Alumni Association for fifteen years and as President in 2007. Originally from South Texas, he had lived in the San Marcos area for nearly 30 years and was a self-proclaimed river rat that enjoyed kayaking and fishing the San Marcos River.