Dean's Office

Dr. Mary Brennan

Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Flowers Hall 313
P: 512.245.2317
F: 512.245.8291

Dr. Yongmei Lu 

Associate Dean of Research

Evans Liberal Arts 141
P: 512.245.1337
F: 512.245.8353

Dr. Elizabeth Erhart

Associate Dean For Academic Programs

Flowers Hall 317
P: 512.245.2317
F: 512.245.8291

Dr. Lucy Harney

Associate Dean for International Academic Affairs

Centennial Hall 214
P: 512.245.2360
F: 512.245.8298

Dr. Emily Brunson

Associate Dean of Promotion

Evans Liberal Arts 237
P: 512.245.6753

Ms. Manda Anderson

Director of Academic Advising

Flowers Hall 322
P: 512.245.1852
F: 512.245.7949

Ms. Jamie Donaldson

Budget Specialist

Flowers Hall 324
P: 512.245.1893
F: 512.245.8291

Ms. Leslie Garrett

Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Flowers Hall 323
P: 512.245.5212

Ms. Nabila Cook (Nay), (she/her/hers)

Senior Administrative Assistant

Flowers Hall 321
P: 512.245.2317
Teams: 512.408.4404

Ms. Janey Valdez

Administrative Assistant III

Flowers Hall 313-A
P: 512.245.7692



Research Coordinator, Pre-Award

Flowers Hall 312
P: 512.245.1308

Ms. Joy S. Cowan

Research Coordinator, Post-Award

Flowers Hall 311
P: 512.245.4924
F: 512.408.8291