2022 Awards Day

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Victoria Smith, International Studies

Master's Student

Amber Hullum, History

Doctoral Student

Molly Miranker, Geography and Environmental Studies 

Departmental Awards

professor helping students with course work

Additional awards recognized outstanding undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students at the department level:


Outstanding Undergraduate Student: D'Artagnan Elliott   

Outstanding Graduate Student: Druonna Collier   

Outstanding Doctoral Student: Petra Banks  


Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Alyssa Reid 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Sol “SG” Huerta 


Outstanding Senior: Daleth Trevino 


Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Lezlie Hernandez 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Amber Hullum 


Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Elektra Jordan 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Annalisa Theresa Turner 

Center for the Study of the Southwest 

Outstanding Student in Southwestern Studies: Kats Jimenez 

Political Science 

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award: Ava Stuart 

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Kaylee Boggan 

Geography and Environmental Studies 

Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Robert Fischer 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Kevin Colgan 

Outstanding Doctoral Student: Molly Miranker 


Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Sidni Martinez 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Lisa Fournier 

World Languages and Literature 

Outstanding Undergraduate: Student Grace Todd 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Lauren Dungan 

Center for International Studies 

Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Victoria Smith 

Outstanding Graduate Student: Jasmine Davies 

Awards Day Information

Below is additional information regarding the 2022 Awards Day for the College of Liberal Arts.